Bywater Bros. Editions

Zin Taylor

Plants do things pot

Single glazed ceramic pot
(finish varies from one pot to the next)
7.5 x 7.5 inches (19 x 19 cm)

Signed and numbered edition of 8, plus 2 APs

This edition is a spin off to Zin Taylor’s artist book Plants do things.

The book features an unnamed character who awakens to find himself with a strange condition—one which slows body movements to a crawl while simultaneously amplifying all sounds he hears to a deafening pitch—desperately trying to make sense of his altered reality. the character clumsily moves throughout his apartment in a hopeless attempt to “reboot his system” back to normal conditions.

Unsuccessful in his quest and drained of energy the protagonist eventually finds himself face-to-face with a potted succulent sitting inside a drippy green pot. Inexorably drawn to the plant’s mysteries he stares at it intently for what seems like hours.

This edition faithfully recreates the pot described in the book. The purchaser is encouraged to choose a succulent of their choice to plant inside.


Plants do things pot by Zin Taylor