Bywater Bros. Editions

On Kawara

Pure Consciousness

Published in conjunction with The Power Plant
Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto with
the support of Tom H. Bjarnason
April 2006
12 pages, softcover
7.125 x 5.75 inches, 20 x 14.5 cm
B&W cover and inner pages

During the month of February 2006, seven Date Paintings by Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara where displayed in a Toronto kindergarten in Pure Consciousness, an exhibition organised by Reid Shier.

On Kawara’s Today series consists of over two thousand ‘Date Paintings’ each showing simply the date on which it was painted in white on a monochrome background. Since 1998 seven paintings from consecutive days from the Today series have been shown in nursery school classrooms in cities around the world from Sydney to Reykjavik and Istanbul to Düsseldorf.

Design by the artist, this book was released in conjunction with the exhibition. It includes an excerpt from Pure Poem by Shigeru Matsui.

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