Bywater Bros. Editions

Eddie O’Keefe

Patriotic Pavement

Published by Bywater Bros. Editions, 2017
88 pages, softcover
7 x 5.5 inches / 17.8 x 14 cm
Numbered edition of 500

ISBN 978-1-988469-03-4

Designed by Eddie O’Keefe and Roger Bywater

The second installment in O’Keefe’s ongoing investigation into the American psyche Patriotic Pavement picks up where his previous book, Young Ideas (2015), left  off.

Featuring imagery taken over the last twenty-four months it showcases O’Keefe’s signature blend of straight-up and surreal photography situated inside a sucession of John Hughes inspired settings. From the serene to the macabre, the ordinary to the surreal, O’Keefe’s never stops messing with one’s expectations on how a photo book should function, creating a disjointed and often humorous mediation on what it’s like to live in America today.

Eddie O’Keefe is a photographer, writer and film director from Elmhurst, Illinois. He graduated from Columbia College in 2010 and is currently living in Los Angeles. The photos included in this book were captured during road trips throughout America, as well as on production for films and television shows in which O’Keefe served as stunt-choreographer and sometimes body double. Known for his innovative music videos for bands such as The Orwells, Jonathan Rice and Springtime Carnivore, as well as his short films—Sun Sessions (2008) and The Ghosts (2011), O’Keefe recently gained national attention with the release of his first feature film, Shangri-La Suite which opened at select theaters across the US in 2016. Patriotic Pavement is his third artist book.


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