Bywater Bros. Editions

Derek Sullivan

Lynn Valley 8

Published by Bywater Bros. Editions and Presentation House Gallery, 2013

24 pages, softcover (40 versions)
6.5 x 4.5 inches / 11.4 x 16.5 cm

ISBN 978-0-920293-88-1

Edited by Roger Bywater
Designed by Roger Bywater and Derek Sullivan

With the proliferation of personal digital devices in contemporary society one has seen an explosion of imagery flooding the media landscape. In today’s interconnected virtual universe every aspect of human existence is documented to such an extent that the boundary between private and public have become all but indiscernible and subjects that would have seemed unworthy of a simple snapshot in the past (like one’s meal) are mainstream topics on popular photo sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Exploring this new reality, Toronto artist, Derek Sullivan has created a set of 40 different books featuring imagery pulled from the web. What makes this project interesting is not so much the imagery itself, which encompasses the full gambit of just about everything imaginable, but Sullivan’s selection process. Rather than arrange photographs around a particular theme or subject matter Sullivan instead chose to feature images that had an identical IMG-.JPG photo tag number. Anyone who has taken a digital picture will be familiar with this photo numbering system; it’s the default program used on all iPhone and Canon digital devices. Basically every image that flows through these devices is automatically assigned a number starting with IMG-0100.JPG.

Working in a format somewhat akin to the devices themselves Sullivan chose only images from the web bearing the IMG-0100.JPG identifier for his first book, IMG-0101.JPG images for his second book, IMG-0102.JPG for the third, and so on, working his way through the IMG-.JPG numbering chain until he reached IMG-0139.JPG, which his last book in the series.

This uncanny editorial approach transforms the imagery into something akin to pure poetic data. Removed from their normal habitat for dating services, promotional announcements, and the like, Sullivan’s subtle manipulation begins to reveal a larger reality that extends beyond the picture frame. A fascinating study of photography today, Sullivan’s Lynn Valley 8 provides a rare glimpse into the larger societal compulsions that fuel the creation and dissemination of digital imagery over the internet.

$12 (per book)

These books are also available in a special signed and numbered edition of 7. This edition includes the complete set of all 40 Lynn Valley 8 books, plus an enamel plaque designed by the artist, all inside a embossed linen slipcase.


Book No. IMG_0100

Book No. IMG_0101

Book No. IMG_0102

Book No. IMG_0103

Book No. IMG_0104

Book No. IMG_0105

Book No. IMG_0106

Book No. IMG_0107

Book No. IMG_0108

Book No. IMG_0109

Book No. IMG_0110

Book No. IMG_0111

Book No. IMG_0112

Book No. IMG_0113

Book No. IMG_0114

Book No. IMG_0115

Book No. IMG_0116

Book No. IMG_0117

Book No. IMG_0118

Book No. IMG_0119

Book No. IMG_0120

Book No. IMG_0121

Book No. IMG_0122

Book No. IMG_0123

Book No. IMG_0124

Book No. IMG_0125

Book No. IMG_0126

Book No. IMG_0127

Book No. IMG_0128

Book No. IMG_0129

Book No. IMG_0130

Book No. IMG_0131

Book No. IMG_0132

Book No. IMG_0133

Book No. IMG_0134

Book No. IMG_0135

Book No. IMG_0136

Book No. IMG_0137

Book No. IMG_0138

Book No. IMG_0139